Aim and expected results

The main goal of CO22MeOH is to develop a highly intensified, efficient integrated process for the capture of CO2 from the flue gases of cement plants and its further hydrogenation to methanol. The successful fulfillment of the objectives of the proposed project will contribute in the long-term to both economic growth and improved competitiveness of the Greek industry in general, and of the Greek cement industry in particular. The successful development of an efficient value chain for the capture and conversion of CO2 will render Greece pioneer in the production of cement with low carbon footprint and the transition to the circular economy, which is high priority in the national, EU and international agenda. The implementation of proposed value chain will have a positive effect not only on economy and job creation, but also on the environment. It is estimated that the application of CO2 capture and conversion technologies in the cement industry in Greece will lead to the abatement of at least 13 Mt of CO2 per year.