Scientific and technical objectives

  • Development of CaO–based or MgO–based CO2 sorbents derived from natural minerals for CO2 adsorption in two different temperature ranges, 600–650°C and 350–400°C respectively
  • Development of materials with high ionic and electronic conductivity with suitable defined porosity for the preparation of dual-phase membranes with high permeability and mechanical strength
  • Development of suitable water sorbents with adequate sorption capacity at high water partial pressures and of active methanol synthesis catalysts based on transition metal carbides with high activity at low temperature and sintering resistance, aiming to produce methanol via the intensified sorption-enhancing process with in-situ water sorption by zeolites
  • Study of the proposed processes under realistic conditions for industrial implementation in laboratory and pilot scale units
  • Modeling of the materials performance and the reactors through advanced simulation tools to determine optimal operating and design parameters
  • Design, techno-economic and environmental assessment of integrated CO2 capture and utilization processes