Dr. Ourania Faltsi


Dr. Ourania Faltsi

Dr. Ourania Faltsi is SIMTEC’s founder and CEO. She received the MEng and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering in 1985 and 1991 respectively, from Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece. She had been a research assistant at the Chemical Processes Engineering Research Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece (1986-1991) and a Visiting Researcher at the Chemical Engineering Department of Aston Univ. of Birmingham, UK (1991).
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She had been one of the initial software developers of FLUENT CFD simulation software tool, in Fluent Europe located in Sheffield, UK (1992-1996). In 1996 she co-founded Enervac-Flutec, a software company, and in 2001 SIMTEC Software and Services located in Thessaloniki, in which she holds the CEO position until today. As an experienced CFD researcher, she has been consulting FLUENT (2000-2006) and ANSYS (2006-today) regarding CFD software development and practices.

Selected Publications

Faltsi, O., Vlaev, S.D., Sofialidis, D., Kirpitsas, J. (2006). “Novel Areas and Future Trends of Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Applications in Chemical Engineering”, Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 12(4), pp. 213-219.

Sofialidis, D., Faltsi, O., Sardi, K., Skevis, G., Skodras, G., Kaldis, S.P., Sakellaropoulos, G.P. (2005). “Modelling Low-Temperature Carbonization of Solid Fuels in a Heated Rotary Kiln for Clean Fuel Production”, Fuel, 84(17), pp. 2211-2221.

Sofialidis, D., Faltsi, O., Skevis, G., Skodras, G., Kaldis, S.P., Sakellaropoulos, G.P., “Modelling low temperature carbonisation of solid fuels in a heated rotary kiln for clean gas fuel production”, 5th European Conference on Coal Research & Its Applications, 6th – 8th September 2004, University of Edinburgh.

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