Mr. Dimitrios Papas


Mr. Dimitrios Papas

Mr. Dimitrios Papas is SIMTEC’s Senior Application Engineer. He received his BSc degree in Environmental Technology from Alexandreio Technological & Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece and his MSc degree in Environment & New Technologies, from the Department of Chemistry of University of Ioannina. He has worked in several R&D projects regarding environmental hot topics using Fluent Inc/ANSYS Inc CFD codes since 2003.
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Since 2009 he has been an application engineer in SIMTEC, offering technical support, training and consulting services with expertise to CFD, FEA, CAD (3D Parametric Modeling), Scripting/Programming (Software Customization) and High Performance Computing (HPC)). He also has trained more than 100 users in the above expertise fields and has contributed and has executed several consulting and R&D projects.

Selected Publications

Faltsi, O., Vlaev, S.D., Sofialidis, D., Kirpitsas, J. (2006). “Novel Areas and Future Trends of Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Applications in Chemical Engineering”, Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 12(4), pp. 213-219.

Sofialidis, D., Faltsi, O., Sardi, K., Skevis, G., Skodras, G., Kaldis, S.P., Sakellaropoulos, G.P. (2005). “Modelling Low-Temperature Carbonization of Solid Fuels in a Heated Rotary Kiln for Clean Fuel Production”, Fuel, 84(17), pp. 2211-2221.

Sofialidis, D., Faltsi, O., Skevis, G., Skodras, G., Kaldis, S.P., Sakellaropoulos, G.P., “Modelling low temperature carbonisation of solid fuels in a heated rotary kiln for clean gas fuel production”, 5th European Conference on Coal Research & Its Applications, 6th – 8th September 2004, University of Edinburgh.

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