Mr. Ioannis Tsavlidis


Mr. Ioannis Tsavlidis

Mr. Ioannis Tsavlidis is an Application Engineer at SIMTEC. In 2014, he received his MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he then attended the MSc in Aerospace Eng., TU Delft, being a scholar of the Onassis Foundation (2015 – 2018).
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In 2018, he joined the team of SIMTEC. His interests include Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis, the use of programming to optimize processes and the support/training of engineers, towards their efficient integration in the world of simulation.

Selected Publications

Faltsi, O., Vlaev, S.D., Sofialidis, D., Kirpitsas, J. (2006). “Novel Areas and Future Trends of Computational Fluid Dynamics Software Applications in Chemical Engineering”, Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly, 12(4), pp. 213-219.

Sofialidis, D., Faltsi, O., Sardi, K., Skevis, G., Skodras, G., Kaldis, S.P., Sakellaropoulos, G.P. (2005). “Modelling Low-Temperature Carbonization of Solid Fuels in a Heated Rotary Kiln for Clean Fuel Production”, Fuel, 84(17), pp. 2211-2221.

Sofialidis, D., Faltsi, O., Skevis, G., Skodras, G., Kaldis, S.P., Sakellaropoulos, G.P., “Modelling low temperature carbonisation of solid fuels in a heated rotary kiln for clean gas fuel production”, 5th European Conference on Coal Research & Its Applications, 6th – 8th September 2004, University of Edinburgh.

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